Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Love my Mama's Boy! Turns out boys WANT and NEED a close connection with their mothers. We're in luck! Don't mind me just raising a Mama's boy over here.

"Who are you calling a Mama's Boy" by Kate Stone Lombardi. Featured in The Wall Street Journal

This article was very interesting and confirmed my thoughts about how I raise my son now and will continue to.

An excerpt from that article that truly surprised me,

"As the therapist and child-rearing guru Michael Gurian wrote in his 1994 book about mothers and sons, "a mother's job…is very much to hold back the coming of manhood." A well-adjusted, loving mother is one who gradually but surely pushes her son away, both emotionally and physically, in order to allow him to become a healthy man." Seriously?!

A point in this article that made me smile and makes perfect sense,

"A study of more than 400 middle school boys revealed that sons who were close to their mothers were less likely to define masculinity as being physically tough, stoic and self-reliant. They not only remained more emotionally open, forming stronger friendships, but they also were less depressed and anxious than their more macho classmates. And they were getting better grades."

Moms with sons that are close with them while they are young, lets continue to foster that close relationship well into adulthood.

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