Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Library....

I recently just re-discovered the library. I grew up going to the library almost weekly. I always left with stacks of books as a child. Then of course I used it in high school and then I spent a ridiculous amount of time there in college. I remember I had a college friend admit that he never stepped foot in the beautiful Paterno library the entire time he was in college. Not sure how that is possible or that I would admit that to anyone.

I couldn't wait to get my son into a story time program. When he was about 2 years old I called and was told that the story times for "Mother Goose Story time" fill up quickly and unfortunately it was full. I asked about the times so that I could be on top of it for the next session. They were in the middle of the day during the week. I guess working moms aren't interested in a story time with their child on the weekends.

Some time passed and we went here or there but not consistently. A few months ago I went with Miles because I wanted to start reading the Kindergarten suggested reading list with him. I fell in love all over again. Miles, who loves books wasn't interested in looking at them when we were there he was more interested in playing on the computers which was fine. I gathered his books and it worked out perfectly. Since then we've gone almost weekly. I also started checking out classic Disney movies for them. Which is great because they are free and then I can decide which ones they like enough to buy.Free is the other amazing thing. I buy books like some women buy shoes. Always building my collection. Not only for myself but tons of children's books have been purchased in the 4 short years my son has been here. Of course a great collection is important but this makes much more sense. Every book is not worth owning.

If you are not a frequent library goer, check it out. My library has an awesome website that allows me to hold books I want for myself and you can also renew on line. Super efficient. 

And I am happy to say that next weekend Miles and I will be attending our first story time together. Finally one on a Saturday!


  1. AMEN! I probably go to the library with Lily on a weekly if not bi-weekly basis. It is a wonderful place for children and adults to get lost in the endless amount of books. Thank you for writing about this because I can't tell you enough what a supporter I am of the local library. I probably check out at least 20-30 children's books at a time too. They are wonderful and Lily just loves to listen and read them back in her own version of the story. I too started checking out Disney movies just recently. How can you beat renting a free movie!!?? I love getting the email that my book that I have been waiting to read is in or that they are offering a special story time for an upcoming holiday. Support your local library - it's well worth it! Awesome read Andrea!!

  2. Thanks Kelly! Yes I know you love the library too. What's not to love right!?

    And I must admit it is like Christmas morning when I get those e-mail notifications. HA!